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    fuck man i’m crying tears of blood after listening to heartbreaker i’m sry for any typos or mistakes bc i’m still shaking

    I miss everything about her.

    The way our hands fit together and the way her lips feel against mine is something that can’t be replaced. Nothing will ever be the same; I’ll…


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    LMFAO at beliebers telling Selena to move the fuck on and stop crying and whining on stage. Nigga, your fave is writing a thousands songs about her, moping and shit talking about how he misses her and you’re gonna say SELENA’s the one who needs to stop whining and move the fuck on?????? Nah I cant with your dumb hypocritical asses. I really cant.


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    a compliation of cute jelena pictures taken with shitty cameras aka the reason you should always carry a camera or buy a new phone or idk but like fuck dude

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    It’s Day 6 of Fan Armies! Gomez fans, reblog this Selena GIF to help the Selenators take home the point for Day 6!


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    A sneak preview to one of the duets between Justin and Selena


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    2014 jelena


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  8. i miss you like crazy.

    justin’s POV

    "heh. heh. i guess this mean that im kinda famous now, huh?" i giggled as selena shrugged. "CAN WE GO TO THE TOY SECTION NOW?" i hopped up and down in excitement.

    "um-" selena was about to speak but i grabbed her hand anyway, dragging her to the toy section with me.

    selena’s POV

    justin acted like a child. but cuter.

    "THEY HAVE POKEMON THINGS. I LOVE AMERICA." justin yelled. i giggled and tried calming him down.

    "arent we supposed to be shopping for groceries?" i asked.

    "oh yeah. right. lets go." he takes me hand and walks out of the toy section.

    "justin..why are you holding my hand?"

    "what if i get lost. it’s my first time here. i dont wanna let go of you." he winks. i lightly laugh and continue holding onto his hand and look for the things we need. justin holds our groceries and we pay for it. as we walk outside, we see paparazzi. i hate them. so much. brian tries to move the paparazzis out of the way, but that doesnt stop them from asking questions.

    "who’s this mystery guy you’ve been spending your time with?" one man asks.

    "what happened to zayn? are you cheating on him?" another asks.

    justin held my hand tightly. not allowing me to let go. too many cameras were flashing and i couldnt find my way. i felt dizzy. without a warning, i suddenly collapsed.


    "selena? are you okay?" brian asks.

    "what the hell happened?" i place my hand on my forehead. we were in the car and i was confused.

    "you fainted. but its okay now. rest for a little while." justin lightly pulled me into his arms and held my like a toddler. i was too comfortable to resist, so i fell asleep anyway.

    a few minutes later, i wake up to my phone ringing.


    "selena?!?! i heard the news, are you doing okay?" i hear my moms voice at the other end.

    "yeah mom. im fine. but wait.. what news?"

    "you collapsed, right?"

    "oh. yeah. im alright though. its okay now."

    "alright baby. ill talk to you soon. love you."

    "love you too mom." i put my phone back into my pocket. i turned my head to justin. he was staring into my eyes again.

    "justin… are you okay?" i ask.

    "you have pretty eyes. and a pretty nose. a pretty face. and a pretty smile." he compliments me, focusing on my lips.

    "haha. thank you justin. thank you for making me happy when i was upset." i hugged him tight. we arrived at scooter’s home.

    me, justin and brian all step out of the car and walk up to the front door. “oh hey guys.” scooters greets. we all hugs him and scooter brings us inside. “me and justin are gonna play some games and watch tv in the guest room.” i say allowed as i grab justin’s hand, dragging him along with me. brian and scooter were watching a basketball game in the living room. justin and i literally just got ready for bed but it was only 4:30. i was comfortable with justin, so i didnt feel the need to cover myself up. i wore my underwear and one of his shirts. we cuddled the rest of the day, without saying a word. we watched movies, held hands. kind of just like a real couple. i turned my head to justin, and he turns his head to me. “thank you for making me the happiest girl ever, even after a big break up. i love you, bestie.” tears roll down my eyes as i kiss his cheek. he smiles and wipes my tears away with his thumb. “isnt that what im supposed to do?” he giggled, moving his arm under my neck so that he could wrap it around me. “excited for tomorrow?” “yes and no. i really hate surprises.” i lay my head on his chest, and my hand on his stomach. i listened to his heartbeat. it was was so calming. “oh, its 7:53. we should probably pack up so that we can leave when we wake up. it’ll be a four hour flight.” justin gets out of bed, walks towards his suitcase and picks up all of his clothes on the floor, tossing them into the suitcase. “you never told me where we were going.” i sit up on the bed. “and all my clothes are at the hotel, remember?” “well. it’s a secret.” he walks towards me, looks down at me and places my hands into his. “we’ll have to wake up early and head over to the hotel. unless you wanna go now, but i probably think that brian’s gone now. lemme go check.” he releases my hands and walks out. i took my phone out and tapped on instagram. i took a selfie of myself on the bed, the blanket covering half of my face. ‘i. love. cuddling.’ justin comes back. “saw that selfie you posted. wish i could like it a million times.” he winked. “well brian’s playing pool downstairs. i asked him if he could go back to the hotel with you and you could just grab your stuff, and ill see you at the airport. and he said be ready in 15 minutes.” “but i wanna stay here and just cuddle with you.” i pouted, making justin smile. “i could come and help you.” he smirked, pulling me up from the bed. “get changed.” he whispered. “but i dont want to wear jeans.” i whined, causing him to walk up to his suitcase, crouch down, and pick up some sweat pants. he hands them over to me, and i put them on. they were super large but comfy. “alright, leggo.” he put on a v neck, shorts that went down to his knees, and a pair of white supras. the v neck made his muscles bulge amd it made me gasp at how large his muscles were. he sure knew how to dress well, now i understand why all the girls ran after him. then he grabbed his suitcase and we walked into the living room. “BRIIIIAN.” justin yells as we hear Brian’s heavy footsteps running up the stairs. “ready to go?” brian asks, as justin nods. brian leads us out the door and into the van. scooter was standing at the doorstep, waving at us. justin’s POV i didnt know if scooter remembered to rent out the stadium, so i texted him. “hey man. did you rent out the stadium for me?” i hit send and received a quick response. “oh shit man! i totally forgot!” i cupped my hands in my face. tbc.

  9. Jelena.

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    "I’ll be there for you even though I’m gone, holding you close babe, close to my heart"

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