1. Anonymous said: does sex hurt more if you've never masturbated before?


    life hurts more if you’ve never masturbated 

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  7. igomezfever:

    hey my beautiful readers!! sorry for the two week late posting, this really sucks. good news is since this chapter was short, ya’ll will be getting a new chapter tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday! Also I’ve been working on my new jelena fanfic yay!

    Justin’s POV:

    I held her hand in mine, rubbing…


  8. ssunshinetorain:

    fuck man i’m crying tears of blood after listening to heartbreaker i’m sry for any typos or mistakes bc i’m still shaking

    I miss everything about her.

    The way our hands fit together and the way her lips feel against mine is something that can’t be replaced. Nothing will ever be the same; I’ll…


  9. scarsonmychest:

    LMFAO at beliebers telling Selena to move the fuck on and stop crying and whining on stage. Nigga, your fave is writing a thousands songs about her, moping and shit talking about how he misses her and you’re gonna say SELENA’s the one who needs to stop whining and move the fuck on?????? Nah I cant with your dumb hypocritical asses. I really cant.


  10. takemileyalong:

    a compliation of cute jelena pictures taken with shitty cameras aka the reason you should always carry a camera or buy a new phone or idk but like fuck dude

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