1. rainyydream:

    The room is abound with endless chatter. Hardly any of the other visitors takes notice of the group in the corner, beginning a shrill chorus of “Happy Birthday”. But she’s not focused on the song, or the birthday boy. And she feels awful, but seeing him makes up for it. She’s paralyzed as she looks on, his smile radiating the warmth of a million suns. The temperature is too hot for her but she can’t bear to look away. She traces the outlines of his dimples with her eyes and by god, she could go for a kiss right now.

    And she feels a smile of her own growing, matching the intensity of his. He catches her gaze for just a moment, and her insides are dominated by monarchs until she’s afraid they’ll burst out of her and flutter around the room at any moment. But they don’t, and he blows her a kiss, and she catches it, stuffing it into her pocket for later. It can wait until they’re truly alone.

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  2. perfection-jelena:

    I love how Selena isn’t the most skinnest person ever. She isn’t a person who exercises and show off her body. She shows that she eats. She’s confident in her body. And she has made me confident. If your someone who is complaining that she put some weight on, you need to get checked up.

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  4. wildestsex:

    oh Jc… haha

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  5. Imagine.

    Imagine how it feels. Getting told that you’re worthless. That you’re ugly. That you’re a whore. That you’re talentless. That you should kill yourself for being in love with someone that others have a crush on. How do you think it feels to wake up and fall asleep to death threats every single day? Imagine how it feels. Being judged based on every little thing you do. Having hate pages dedicated to you. Being insecure about yourself because of what everyone else says about and to you. Avoiding twitter and avoiding instagram comments because you already know what to expect. Hate tweets. Hate comments. How do you think it feels to get told that you cant sing, even though you’ve dreamed of being a singer for so long. How does it feel to get forced by everyone to stop doing something you love doing? Put yourself in her shoes before you start saying things.

  6. Selena Gomez receiving her Teen Choice 2009-2014.

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  7. "Some men only want women for sex. Why are they surprised that some women want them only for money?"
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  9. exposingsmg-exposed:

    y’all believe EVERYTHING you read about Selena when it’s negative. But no one believes shit when it comes to Justin”

    "I don’t know which one is worse, faking something to make someone look bad or believing in everything you see so you can start hating"

    ↑ Those are a couple tweets that I saw. This is the fake comment everyone is talking about ↓

    Why is this fake?

    1. This girl only has 8 pictures.
    2. She only has 15 followers.
    3. The picture is from December 2012/January 2013, but she recorded and uploaded the video on June 28th of 2014 (17 months later).
    4. We can’t see the comment which Selena supposedly replied.
    5. She changed her bio and she wrote: "Please stop the hate. I’m sorry to selena’s fans. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said what I said from the beginning. Selena is amazing”.
    6. Her instagram is private and she doesn’t accept requests. Why? Because that comment doesn’t exist and if she accepts people, everyone will see it.
    7. If she doesn’t accept requests, no one is sending hate on Instagram because they can’t see her pictures. So her bio doesn’t make sense. duh.
    8. I asked to some Selenators about Selena’s Instagram, and they told me that Selena didn’t have Instagram 17 months ago.
    9. No one saw it before. No one besides her had a screenshot. Someone would have seen it if this is real. At least on their news feed. But no one knew about this till now.

    9 reasons which explain why this comment is fake. Yep, this girl is lying.

    Angela, she can be your friend ;)



    I wrote this 15 hours ago. And Angela posted this ↓ on Twitter around 6 hours ago:

    Okay. But Selena didn’t have Instagram 17 months ago…

    "Selena created and Instagram account on July 13th of 2013.

    Almost 1 year ago.

    Almost 12 months ago. 

    17 months ago Selena didn’t have an Instagram account.

    Nice try Lauren_Faccio and nice try  Angela. 

    This time you fucked up.

    Now everyone can see that you like to lie and that you didn’t check what you say.

    Who can trust you? No one, no one, no one ♫ (Alicia Keys singing)”

    But there is more ;) ↓

    Okay. Then show us your convo with that person or tell us the username. Because… ↓

    You tried, you failed.

    And I also sent a message to one of those girls. If I get an answer I will take a screenshot and I will post it ;)

    Remember to share this post and follow two amazing tumblr accounts which are doing a really good job. They also expose Angela:

    If someday I don’t expose one of Angela’s stories is because one of them already exposed it and I don’t have anything else to add :)


  10. exposingesmg:


    Again, Angela acting like Justin is the victim in all of this and Selena is the bad person…yet she’s not the only one that was shading Justin.




    Again, Angela is acting like Selena is the only person who was hurt. If you weren’t over your ex, wouldn’t you…